At AVRS Elevator, we offer advanced and user-friendly Landing Operating Panels (LOPs) and Car Operating Panels (COPs) designed to enhance the convenience and accessibility of elevator systems. Our LOPs and COPs combine modern technology with intuitive design, providing a seamless experience for passengers.

Landing Operating Panels (LOPs) and Car Operating Panels (COPs) Overview

Landing Operating Panels (LOPs) are located on each floor of a building and allow passengers to call the elevator and select their desired destination. Car Operating Panels (COPs) are located inside the elevator car and provide passengers with control over the elevator's movement and functions.

Our LOP and COP Approach

When you choose AVRS Elevator for your LOP and COP needs, you're choosing innovation and user-centric design:

Customized Design: We collaborate closely with you to understand your building's needs and design preferences. Our experts design LOPs and COPs that seamlessly integrate with your elevator systems and enhance passenger experience.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Our LOPs and COPs incorporate modern technology for efficient and intuitive operation. Touchscreens, buttons, and displays are designed for ease of use.

Visual Appeal: We prioritize aesthetics in our designs, ensuring that LOPs and COPs complement the interior design of the elevator and the building.

Durability and Reliability: Our LOPs and COPs are built to withstand heavy usage and various environmental conditions, ensuring their longevity and performance.

Advantages of LOPs and COPs

User-Friendly: LOPs and COPs are designed for intuitive use, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free elevator experience for passengers.

Efficient Movement: Clear and accessible controls on COPs allow passengers to efficiently select their desired floor, reducing waiting times.

Enhanced Safety: Emergency buttons and clear visual indicators contribute to a safer and more secure passenger experience.

Aesthetic Integration: LOPs and COPs are designed to seamlessly blend with the elevator's interior design, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Why Choose AVRS Elevator for LOP and COP Solutions

Expertise: Our team possesses deep expertise in designing and installing LOPs and COPs tailored to diverse building needs.

Customized Solutions: We create LOP and COP systems that perfectly match your elevator's requirements and design preferences.

Innovation:Our use of modern technology ensures the efficiency, convenience, and safety of your elevator systems.

Quality Assurance:We prioritize the quality and durability of our LOPs and COPs, ensuring reliable performance over time.


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